Mojo surf the net occassionally when hes bored

Mojo surfs the net occassionally when he's bored

Some dogs can get bored easily. While other dogs are content on sleeping the entire day and others get lonely.

Many of us work all day leaving dogs home alone. While from the owner’s point of view might be an ideal home for their dog/s, the plush rugs, elegant furnitures, and stylish decor, but many dogs could careless such environmental refinement and would by far prefer to be socializing with people or other dogs, or chasing a blowing leaf outside.

“Type-B” personality dogs may nap during their owners’ absence, arising lazily with a yawn and stretch upon their return.

While the more compulsive “Type-A” dogs may suffer extreme boredom and stress during their owners’ absence. The telltale signs are easy to see: the garbage can contents may be strewn across the floor, cupboard doors opened, food stores raided, paper or pillows shredded, and so on.

So what can you do to keep your dog occupied?

Consider a Dog Walker or Doggie Day Care. Most dogs really appreciate the lunchtime visits of a dog walker who provides a much welcome respite in the middle of an otherwise long day of nothing to do. One better than a dog walker is doggy day care. The problem here is that it is expensive and thus probably only available to yuppie puppies. Check out the day care center thoroughly as you would kiddy day care for young children.

Get another pooch is another option to keep your pal company. A cat can also be a companion (depending on the dog). It just may take a little longer getting used to.

Food Puzzles and Games. Most people have developed the habit of feeding their dog before they leave in the morning. The dog wolfs down his food and then has nothing to do all day. It may be more appropriate to feed the dog as you leave and/or to arrange for the food to be discovered by the dog after you have left. Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug – This cool toy engages all of your dog’s senses & intelligence with this wonderful feeding and playtime product.

A tired dog is a good dog.” You could also say, a happy dog. Exercise generates serotonin in the brain and thus has a calming and mood-stabilizing effect on man and beast. A dog that has had a good run for 20 to 30 minutes before the owner departs will be less anxious, more composed, and prepared for a little R & R in the form of a good nap.